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Biofeedback Research


Early Research
Edmund Jacobson in 1908 developed the progressive muscle relaxation technique (1958). Although most of his research on the conditioning of muscle relaxation was conducted 50 years ago, it remains relevant. For example, most therapeutic applications of biofeedback include the use of a systematic relaxation technique. Although Jacobson's system has been modified over time, his ideas and research methods have much to offer clinicians and researchers. Based on an interview reported by Mcguigan, he may have been the first researcher to use medical instrumentation to provide feedback about physiological responses (Jacobson and McGuigan, 1978).

His procedure, employing a prototype of modern biofeedback instrumentation, involved an individual observing an oscilloscope to determine the level of tension in his forearm extensor muscle. Later, Wolpe (1973) modified Jacobson's technique and popularized it as part of the systematic desensitization procedure.

In 1958, Kamiya (1969) began to study the changes in consciousness that accompanied variations in EEG alpha rhythm of human subjects. He developed a discrimination conditioning task in which a bell was rung periodically and the subject was requested to indicate if he had been generating EEG alpha just prior to the auditory stimulus. Many subjects were able to learn this task and this led to further research of alpha rhythm control. Kamiya and his associates later discovered that subjects could suppress alpha when given auditory feedback concerning its presence or absence. Although the initial claims of alpha wave trainers were found to be exaggerated, research by Kamiya and others continues and may eventually lead to the development of more effective clinical methods. Due to the unpredictability of the results so far, the clinical utility of EEG alpha rhythm training remains problematic (Miller, 1974).

Ancoli and Kamiya (1978) reviewed several areas of controversy surrounding EEG biofeedback. For example, one unresolved issue is whether or not the reported increases in EEG alpha are due to reductions in visual and oculomotor responding. Ancoli and Kamiya reviewed 45 different EEG biofeedback studies from 1968 to 1976 and concluded that a majority of the studies suffered from methodological weaknesses. They believed that many negative results occurred because training times were too short and experimental conditions were not optimum. They suggest that, in the future, researchers should employ at least 4 training sessions, used continuous feedback with quantitive progress scores and use experimental trials which have a duration of at least 10 minutes.

One of the intriguing areas of investigation concerns the search for empirical validation of visceral or smooth-muscle operant conditioning. Since 1938, when Skinner could not demonstrate operant conditioning of the vasoconstrictory responses, researchers have been interested in this area of learning.

Neal Miller and his colleagues most notably, (the late Leo DiCara) have been involved in research on instrumental autonomic conditioning in animals for a number of years. In 1968, DiCara and Miller observed that curarized rats could learn to avoid a shock by lowering their heart rate. Miller's attempts to replicate this finding in subsequent years, however, met with frustration. Nevertheless, during this time other investigators showed that visceral conditioning, through the use of feedback techniques, could be demonstrated in man (Miller and Dworkin, 1974).

Whether or not Miller's original findings were artifactual or due to complex interactions of variables is still undetermined. There is no doubt, however, that the publication of his early research on visceral conditioning in animals did much to stimulate others to investigate similar issues in man, and more sophisticated biofeedback techniques were developed.

Although less well known, H D Kimmel (1960) spent years investigating instrumental conditioning off the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in man. Stimulated by results of earlier experiments in conditioning of the galvanic skin response (GSR), Kimmel and his students found that subjects' GSR's could be conditioned using pleasant odors. Kimmel (1974) summarized the research up to 1967, including 16 studies of GSR, five of heart rate and three of the vasomotor response. Results of all these studies supported the contention that the ANS could be modified through operant conditioning.

These findings were criticized by Katkin and Murray (1968) who argued that such results may be due to skeletal mediators and have still obtained positive results. For example, Lang and Melamed (1969) were able to condition aversively a 9-month-old child who suffered from ruminative vomiting. In addition, Frezza and Holland 1971) demonstrated that human salivation can be instrumentally conditioned.

Subsequently biofeedback procedures were applied to clinical problems. In 1973, two innovative treatment procedures were developed which are widely used today, with certain technical refinements. Elmer and Alyce Green (1977) developed a clinical protocol for thermal feedback training. They used peripheral skin temperature as a measure of vasodilatation and combined skin temperature feedback with Schultz and Luthe's (1969) "Autogenic Training". Sargent, Green and Walters (1972) applied temperature biofeedback training to treat migraine. Patients were taught to increase the warmth in their fingers (vasodilatation) while decreasing the temperature of their foreheads (vasoconstriction). They found that almost 75 percent of the subjects were able to decrease both the duration and intensity of migraine attacks. Later studies have confirmed these results.

While the Green's were developing their treatment technique for migraine, Thomas Budzynski (1973) and his associates at the University of Colorado developed a feedback technique to treat muscle contraction (tension) headaches. They used EMG training to teach patients to reduce the tension in their frontalis (forehead) muscles. Their results showed that average muscle tension levels dropped from 10 to 3.5 (microvolts) and headaches intensity was reduced over the 16-week training period. Two control groups of headache patients were employed in the experimental design; one group received "false" or pseudofeedback and the other group received no feedback at all. Neither of these groups improved as much as the EMG treatment group. Since then, the results have been somewhat mixed regarding the effectiveness of EMG biofeedback compared with simple relaxation methods.

The clinical research which has been reviewed thus far has involved procedures where feedback is used to reduce muscle and blood vessel contraction ("physiological arousal"); however, a technique to increase muscle contraction (a form of EMG biofeedback training) has existed for almost 25 years. John Basmajian's (1979) early research, first published in 1963, indicated that patients can increase the functioning of single motor units through the use of EMG biofeedback. Even earlier, Marinacci and Horande (1960) demonstrated that EMG feedback could be applied to improve neuromuscular functioning in several disorders. Basmajian and his colleagues have designed specially constructed biofeedback instruments for use in rehabilitation, e.g., a miniatue EMG feedback device. They have applied such instrumentation to various disorders including paralytic foot-drop. There is significant difference between the EMG units used in rehabilitation and those adapted for use with psychophysiological disorders. The biofeedback units employed in rehabilitation are designed to transmit information about single motor units or the functioning of a specific muscle. Most of the EMG units used to enhance relaxation, however, summate the bioelectrical information of a particular muscle group. The resulting feedback is somewhat less specific.

Prior to 1970, relatively few studies were conducted using biofeedback techniques. Since then, however, hundreds of investigations have been done and the accumulation of data has been impressive. For this reason, BSA task forces were developed to survey the current literature and summarize the current status of biofeedback as a therapeutic technique in a number of areas including: psychophysiological disorders (Fotopoulos and Sunderland, 1978), gastrointestinal disease (Whitehead, 1978), vasoconstrictive disorders (Taub and Stroebel, 1978), muscle tension headache (Budzynski, 1978) and others.

In 1989 Nelson proposed and proved that biofeedback need not be just a conscious or verbal process. The SCIO was designed to do feedback to the patient’s unconscious.

In summary, individuals in certain circumstances can learn to control various physiologic processes as a result of biofeedback training. There is still considerable confusion and controversy regarding how this learning takes place, however. Biofeedback can be viewed as developing from earlier forms of learning therapy. However whether or not biofeedback involves a form of conditioning is still undetermined.


List of articles on Biofeedback
Temperature Biofeedback
EMG Biofeedback

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TITLE: Migrene og tensjonshodepine. Psykofysiologi, personlighet og behandling. /
Migraine and tension headache: Psychophysiology, personality, and therapy.
AUTHOR: Ellertsen,-Bjorn
INSTITUTE: U Bergen, Inst for Klinisk Nevropsykologi, Norway
SOURCE: Tidsskrift-for-Norsk-Psykologforening; 1988 Oct Vol 25(10) 664-668

TITLE: Cognitive-behavioural treatment of musical performance anxiety. Special
Issue: Performance and stress.
AUTHOR: Nagel,-Julie-J.; Himle,-David-P.; Papsdorf,-James-D.
INSTITUTE: U Michigan School of Social Work, Ann Arbor, US
SOURCE: Psychology-of-Music; 1989 Vol 17(1) 12-21

TITLE: Thermographical analysis of the warmth of the hands during the practice of
self-regulation method.
AUTHOR: Ikemi,-Akira; Tomita,-Sayuri; Hayashida,-Yoshiaki
INSTITUTE: U of Occupational & Environmental Health, Inst of Industrial Ecological
Sciences, Kitakyushu, Japan
SOURCE: Psychotherapy-and-Psychosomatics; 1988 Vol 50(1) 22-28

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AUTHOR: Spencer,-Marlene; Mulcahy,-Robert
INSTITUTE: U Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
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AUTHOR: Pilkington,-Rosemarie
SOURCE: Advances; 1988 Vol 5(4) 66-69

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TITLE: Variations in digital temperature during frontal EMG biofeedback training in
normal subjects.
AUTHOR: Montgomery,-Gary-T.
INSTITUTE: Pan American U, Edinburg, TX, US
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1988 Jun Vol 13(2) 151-168

TITLE: Training to vasodilate in a cooling environment: A valid treatment for
Raynaud's phenomenon?
AUTHOR: Stambrook,-Michael; Hamel,-Eugene-R.; Carter,-Stefan-A.
INSTITUTE: U Manitoba, Section of Behavioural Science, Winnipeg, Canada
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1988 Mar Vol 13(1) 9-23

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relaxation training and biofeedback.
AUTHOR: Kirsch,-Cynthia-A.; Blanchard,-Edward-B.; Parnes,-Steven-M.
INSTITUTE: State U New York, Albany, US
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1987 Dec Vol 12(4) 295-312

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INSTITUTE: Lafayette Clinic, Behavioral Medicine Lab, Detroit, MI, US
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TITLE: Psychophysiological correlates of vasomotor self control mediated by
AUTHOR: Falkenstein,-Michael; Hoormann,-Jorg
INSTITUTE: Inst fur Arbeitsphysiologie, Dortmund, Fed Rep Germany
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TITLE: Assessing progress of two therapy sessions using Budzynski relaxation tapes
with RELAX.
AUTHOR: Costello,-Brian-R.
INSTITUTE: Cassel Psych Ctr, Pearcedale, Vict, Australia
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TITLE: Reporte de siete casos de cefalea tratados con biorretroalimentacion.
(Reports on seven cases of migraine headache treated with biofeedback.)
AUTHOR: Aguirre-Tellaeche,-Roxana; Plata-Toledo,-Lourdes; Lopez-Aguado,-Mario-Z.;
INSTITUTE: Inst Mexicano de Psiquiatria, Division de Investigaciones Clinicas, Mexico
City, Mexico
SOURCE: Salud-Mental; 1987 Mar Vol 10(1) 77-82

TITLE: Organizzazioni cognitive, strutture psicofisiologiche, e diagnosi di
schizofrenia. (Cognitive organization, psychophysiologic structure, and
diagnosis of schizophrenia.)
AUTHOR: Reda,-Mario-A.; Arciero,-Giampiero; Blanco,-Salvatore
INSTITUTE: U Cagliari, Istituto di Clinica Psichiatrica, Italy
SOURCE: Rivista-di-Psichiatria; 1986 Apr-Jun Vol 21(2) 142-158

TITLE: / Studies of skin temperature control with biofeedback.
AUTHOR: Ohokochi,-H.
INSTITUTE: Hiroshima U, Japan
SOURCE: Japanese-Journal-of-Behavior-Therapy; 1986 Sep Vol 12(1) 49-61

TITLE: The effectiveness of biofeedback-assisted relaxation in modifying sickle
cell crises.
AUTHOR: Cozzi,-Linda; Tryon,-Warren-W.; Sedlacek,-Keith
INSTITUTE: Fordham U, Bronx, NY, US
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1987 Mar Vol 12(1) 51-61

TITLE: An empirical account of temperature biofeedback applied in groups.
AUTHOR: Lashley,-Joyce-K.; Gamble,-Eric-H.; Grenier,-Charles-E.;
Roundtree,-George-A.; et-al
INSTITUTE: U New Orleans, LA, US
SOURCE: Psychological-Reports; 1987 Apr Vol 60(2) 379-388

TITLE: Biobehavioral treatment of essential hypertension: A group outcome study.
AUTHOR: Fahrion,-Steven; Norris,-Patricia; Green,-Alyce; Green,-Elmer; et-al
INSTITUTE: Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS, US
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1986 Dec Vol 11(4) 257-277

TITLE: Thermal biofeedback in the treatment of symptoms associated with reflex
sympathetic dystrophy.
AUTHOR: Barowsky,-Ellis-I.; Zweig,-Joseph-B.; Moskowitz,-Joanne
INSTITUTE: City U New York, Hunter Coll, US
SOURCE: Journal-of-Child-Neurology; 1987 Jul Vol 2(3) 229-232

TITLE: Temperature-biofeedback treatment of migraine headache: Specific effects and
the effects of "generalization training."
AUTHOR: Johansson,-Jan; Ost,-Lars-Goran
INSTITUTE: Ulleraker Hosp, Psychiatric Research Ctr, Uppsala, Sweden
SOURCE: Behavior-Modification; 1987 Apr Vol 11(2) 182-199

TITLE: Initial relaxation response: Contrasts between clinical patients and normal
AUTHOR: Schneider,-H.-G.; Rawson,-J.-C.; Bhatnagar,-N.-S.
INSTITUTE: Appalachian State U, Boone, NC, US
SOURCE: Perceptual-and-Motor-Skills; 1987 Feb Vol 64(1) 147-153

TITLE: Long-term effectiveness of behavioral treatments for Raynaud's disease.
AUTHOR: Freedman,-Robert-R.
INSTITUTE: Lafayette Clinic, Detroit, MI, US
SOURCE: Behavior-Therapy; 1987 Fal Vol 18(4) 387-399

TITLE: Using biofeedback training to improve the productivity of the mentally
handicapped: An exploratory study.
AUTHOR: Romney,-D.-M.; Mosley,-J.-L.; Vrbancic,-M.-I.; Groeneweg,-G.
INSTITUTE: U Calgary, NWT, Canada
SOURCE: Clinical-Biofeedback-and-Health-An-International-Journal; 1986 Fal-Win Vol
9(2) 90-95

TITLE: Thermal feedback in Raynaud's phenomenon secondary to systemic lupus
erythematosus: Long-term remission of target symptoms.
AUTHOR: Sappington,-John-T.; Fiorito,-Evelyn-M.
INSTITUTE: Augusta Coll
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1985 Dec Vol 10(4) 335-341

TITLE: A comparison of two methods of training resistance to visually-induced
motion sickness. VII International Man in Space Symposium: Physiologic
adaptation of man in space (1986, Houston, Texas).
AUTHOR: Dobie,-Thomas-G.; May,-James-G.; Fischer,-Wanda-D.; Elder,-S.-Thomas; et-al
INSTITUTE: U Leeds, England
SOURCE: Aviation,-Space,-and-Environmental-Medicine; 1987 Sep Vol 58(9, Sect 2)

TITLE: Paradoxical instructions in relaxation training.
AUTHOR: Anderson,-L.-H.; Schneider,-H.-G.
INSTITUTE: Appalachian State U
SOURCE: Perceptual-and-Motor-Skills; 1986 Oct Vol 63(2, Pt 1) 407-412

TITLE: Evaluation of multiple component relaxation training with developmentally
disabled persons.
AUTHOR: Calamari,-John-E.; Geist,-Glen-O.; Shahbazian,-Mary-J.
INSTITUTE: Waukegan Developmental Ctr, IL
SOURCE: Research-in-Developmental-Disabilities; 1987 Vol 8(1) 55-70

TITLE: Peripheral temperature autoregulation and its effect on the symptoms of
rheumatoid arthritis.
AUTHOR: Mitchell,-Kenneth-R.
INSTITUTE: U Newcastle, Faculty of Medicine, Australia
SOURCE: Scandinavian-Journal-of-Behaviour-Therapy; 1986 Vol 15(2) 55-64

TITLE: Reply to the comments of Mr. Yamamoto and Dr. Habu.
AUTHOR: Hirai,-Hisashi
INSTITUTE: Sophia U, Tokyo, Japan
SOURCE: Hiroshima-Forum-for-Psychology; 1984-85 Vol 10 9

TITLE: Patterning between frontalis EMG and fingertip ST (skin temperature).
AUTHOR: Hirai,-Hisashi
INSTITUTE: Sophia U, Tokyo, Japan
SOURCE: Hiroshima-Forum-for-Psychology; 1984-85 Vol 10 3-6

TITLE: Entspannung durch biofeedbackunterstutzte Atemmeditation und autogenes
Training. (Relaxation through feedback-supported respiratory meditation and
autogenic training.)
AUTHOR: Zeier,-Hans
INSTITUTE: Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Inst fur
Verhaltenswissenschaft, Switzerland
SOURCE: Zeitschrift-fur-Experimentelle-und-Angewandte-Psychologie; 1985 Vol 32(4)

TITLE: Relaxation based treatment of stress induced syncope.
AUTHOR: McGrady,-Angele-V.; Argueta-Bernal,-Guillermo-A.
INSTITUTE: Medical Coll of Ohio
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INSTITUTE: Laval U, School of Psychology, Sainte Foy, Canada
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1985 Jun Vol 10(2) 139-159

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of migraine headaches.
AUTHOR: Stout,-Martha-A.
INSTITUTE: Harvard Medical School, Boston
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TITLE: Case study: Treatment of herpes genitalis phobia and agoraphobia with panic
AUTHOR: Romanik,-Ronald-L.; Kellner,-Robert
SOURCE: Psychotherapy; 1985 Fal Vol 22(3) 542-546

TITLE: Non drug treatment for migraine headache with associated Raynaud's disease.
AUTHOR: Giacovazzo,-M.; et-al
INSTITUTE: U degli Studi "La Sapienza," Clinica Medica, Rome, Italy
SOURCE: Headache; 1985 Nov Vol 25(8) 441-443

TITLE: Results of a controlled, experimental, outcome study of nondrug treatments
for the control of migraine headaches.
AUTHOR: Sargent,-Joseph; et-al
INSTITUTE: Menninger Foundation, Headache Research & Treatment Ctr, Topeka, KS
SOURCE: Journal-of-Behavioral-Medicine; 1986 Jun Vol 9(3) 291-323

TITLE: Psychophysiological comparisons of three kinds of headache subjects during
and between headache states: Analysis of post-stress adaptation periods.
AUTHOR: Arena,-John-G.; et-al
INSTITUTE: VA Medical Ctr Psychology Service, Biofeedback & Psychophysiological
Disorders Clinic, Augusta, GA
SOURCE: Journal-of-Psychosomatic-Research; 1985 Vol 29(4) 427-441

TITLE: Reliability of a psychophysiological stress profile.
AUTHOR: Guck,-Thomas-P.; Kreuch,-Tony; Franzen,-Michael-D.
INSTITUTE: U Nebraska Medical Ctr, Pain Management Ctr
SOURCE: Clinical-Biofeedback-and-Health-An-International-Journal; 1985 Fal-Win Vol
8(2) 124-133

TITLE: Lack of concordance between changes in headache activity and in
psychophysiological and personality variables following treatment.
AUTHOR: Passchier,-J.; Van-der-Helm-Hylkema,-H.; Orlebeke,-J.-F.
INSTITUTE: Free U, Section of Psychophysiology, Amsterdam, Netherlands
SOURCE: Headache; 1985 Sep Vol 25(6) 310-316

TITLE: Peripheral temperature control using biofeedback and autogenic training: A
comparison study.
AUTHOR: Kelso,-Harold-G.; Bryson-Brockmann,-William-A.
INSTITUTE: Vanderbilt U, George Peabody Coll for Teachers
SOURCE: Clinical-Biofeedback-and-Health-An-International-Journal; 1985 Spr-Sum Vol
8(1) 37-44

TITLE: The use of short term concentrated biofeedback of hospitalized patients with
diabetes mellitus.
AUTHOR: Guthrie,-Diana
INSTITUTE: U Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita
SOURCE: Clinical-Biofeedback-and-Health-An-International-Journal; 1985 Spr-Sum Vol
8(1) 14-21

TITLE: Comparison of behavioral treatments for Raynaud's disease.
AUTHOR: Jobe,-Jared-B.; Sampson,-James-B.; Roberts,-Donald-E.; Kelly,-John-A.
INSTITUTE: US Army Research Inst of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA
SOURCE: Journal-of-Behavioral-Medicine; 1986 Feb Vol 9(1) 89-96

TITLE: Arousal reduction with biofeedback-supported respiratory meditation.
AUTHOR: Zeier,-Hans
INSTITUTE: Swiss Federal Inst of Technology, Zurich
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1984 Dec Vol 9(4) 497-508

TITLE: Biorretroalimentacion termica para el tratamiento de la migrana clasica: Un
estudio de linea base multiple entre sujetos. / Thermic biofeedback in the
treatment of classical migraine: A multiple baseline study.
AUTHOR: Aguilar,-Guido
INSTITUTE: U Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City, Guatemala
SOURCE: Revista-de-Analisis-del-Comportamiento; 1984 Aug Vol 2(2) 169-185

TITLE: Bringing the feet in from the cold: Thermal biofeedback training of
foot-warming in Raynaud's syndrome.
AUTHOR: Crockett,-David; Bilsker,-Daniel
INSTITUTE: Health Sciences Centre Hosp, Div of Psychology, Vancouver, Canada
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1984 Dec Vol 9(4) 431-438

TITLE: Le biofeedback electromyographique dans le traitement de la fibrosite:
evaluation d'une approche therapeutique. (Electromyographic biofeedback in the
treatment of fibrositis: Evaluation of a therapeutic approach.)
AUTHOR: Rouleau,-Joanne-L.; Denver,-Donald-R.; Gauthier,-Janel-G.;
INSTITUTE: Emory U School of Medicine
SOURCE: Revue-de-Modification-du-Comportement; 1985 Spr Vol 15(1) 7-19

TITLE: Anxiety as a predictor of behavioral therapy outcome for cancer chemotherapy
AUTHOR: Carey,-Michael-P.; Burish,-Thomas-G.
INSTITUTE: Vanderbilt U
SOURCE: Journal-of-Consulting-and-Clinical-Psychology; 1985 Dec Vol 53(6) 860-865

TITLE: Psychophysiological treatment of migraine and tension headaches: A 12-month
AUTHOR: Daly,-Edward-J.; Zimmerman,-Jay-S.; Donn,-Patsy-A.; Galliher,-Marjorie-J.
SOURCE: Rehabilitation-Psychology; 1985 Spr Vol 30(1) 3-10

TITLE: Biofeedback in private practice, and stress reduction in a college
population using biofeedback and OPEN FOCUS technique.
AUTHOR: Valdes,-Maria-R.
INSTITUTE: City U New York, Bernard Baruch Coll
SOURCE: Psychotherapy-in-Private-Practice; 1985 Spr Vol 3(1) 43-55

TITLE: Continuous versus interrupted schedules of thermal biofeedback: An
exploratory analysis with clinical subjects.
AUTHOR: Andrasik,-Frank; Pallmeyer,-Thomas-P.; Blanchard,-Edward-B.;
INSTITUTE: State U New York, Ctr for Stress & Anxiety Disorders, Albany
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1984 Sep Vol 9(3) 291-298

TITLE: Heart rate biofeedback and cold pressor pain: Effects of expectancy.
AUTHOR: Subotnik,-Kenneth-L.; Shapiro,-David
INSTITUTE: U California, Los Angeles
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1984 Mar Vol 9(1) 55-75

TITLE: Differential efficacy of biofeedback in headache.
AUTHOR: Billings,-R.-F.; et-al
INSTITUTE: Sunnybrook Medical Ctr, Consultation-Liaison Service, Toronto, Canada
SOURCE: Headache; 1984 Jul Vol 24(4) 211-215

TITLE: A behavioral technique for recovery from the psychological trauma of
AUTHOR: Lobb,-Michael-L.; Shannon,-Mary-C.; Rrecer,-Sara-L.; Allen,-Janice-B.
INSTITUTE: U Texas, Arlington
SOURCE: Perceptual-and-Motor-Skills; 1984 Oct Vol 59(2) 677-678

TITLE: The effects of indoor versus outdoor thermal biofeedback training in
cold-weather sports.
AUTHOR: Kappes,-Bruno-M.; Chapman,-Scott-J.
INSTITUTE: U Alaska, Anchorage
SOURCE: Journal-of-Sport-Psychology; 1984 Vol 6(3) 305-311

TITLE: Behavioral treatment of Raynaud's disease: Long-term follow-up.
AUTHOR: Freedman,-Robert-R.; Ianni,-Peter; Wenig,-Paul
INSTITUTE: Lafayette Clinic, Behavioral Medicine Lab, Detroit, MI
SOURCE: Journal-of-Consulting-and-Clinical-Psychology; 1985 Feb Vol 53(1) 136

TITLE: Brief psychological training procedures in migraine treatment.
AUTHOR: Friedman,-Howard; Taub,-Harvey-A.
INSTITUTE: Syracuse VA Medical Ctr, NY
SOURCE: American-Journal-of-Clinical-Hypnosis; 1984 Jan Vol 26(3) 187-200

TITLE: Behavioral treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon in scleroderma.
AUTHOR: Freedman,-Robert-R.; Ianni,-Peter; Wenig,-Paul
INSTITUTE: Lafayette Clinic, Detroit, MI
SOURCE: Journal-of-Behavioral-Medicine; 1984 Dec Vol 7(4) 343-353

TITLE: Biorretroalimentacion electromiografica y termal en el tratamiento de cuatro
casos de cefalea mixta. / EMG and thermal biofeedback in the treatment of mixed
AUTHOR: de-Flores-Formenti,-Tomas; Treserra-Torres,-Josep
INSTITUTE: U Barcelona, Facultad de Medicina, Spain
1984 Jan-Feb Vol 11(1) 9-26

TITLE: Mediation of skin temperature biofeedback effects in children.
AUTHOR: Suter,-Steve; Fredericson,-Michael; Portuesi,-Lynn
INSTITUTE: California State Coll, Bakersfield
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1983 Dec Vol 8(4) 567-584

TITLE: Voluntary control of skin temperature: Role of experimenter presence versus
AUTHOR: Bregman,-Norman-J.; McAllister,-Hunter-A.
INSTITUTE: Southeastern Louisiana U
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1983 Dec Vol 8(4) 543-546

TITLE: Biofeedback training (BFT) for carpal tunnel syndrome: A case report with a
five-year follow-up.
AUTHOR: Silverstein,-Leonard
SOURCE: American-Journal-of-Clinical-Biofeedback; 1983 Fal-Win Vol 6(2) 111-117

TITLE: Psychophysiological reactivity in migraine following biofeedback.
AUTHOR: Reading,-Clive
INSTITUTE: University Hosp of South Manchester, Withington Hosp, England
SOURCE: Headache; 1984 Mar Vol 24(2) 70-74

TITLE: Risultati preliminari del trattamento in biofeedback nell'ipertensione
essenziale. (Preliminary results of biofeedback treatment of essential
AUTHOR: Miccoli,-Antonio; Nazzaro,-Pietro; Pirrelli,-Anna
INSTITUTE: U degli Studi, Istituto di Patologia Speciale Medica, Bari, Italy
SOURCE: Rivista-di-Psichiatria; 1983 Oct-Dec Vol 18(4) 297-307

TITLE: Risultati ottenuti mediante trattamento delle cefalee essenziali con
Bio-Feedback training. / Treatment of headaches with biofeedback training:
AUTHOR: Martelletti,-Paolo; et-al
SOURCE: Rivista-di-Psichiatria; 1983 Jul-Sep Vol 18(3) 253-278

TITLE: Trattamento del fenomeno di Raynaud essenziale con thermal biofeedback
training. (Treatment of the essential Raynaud phenomenon by thermal biofeedback
AUTHOR: Invernizzi,-Giordano; et-al
INSTITUTE: U degli Studi, Istituto di Clinica Psichiatria, Milan, Italy
SOURCE: Rivista-di-Psichiatria; 1983 Jul-Sep Vol 18(3) 279-290

TITLE: Validation of the Holtzman Anxiety scale by vasomotor biofeedback.
AUTHOR: Mittenberg,-Wiley; Petersen,-Jerry-D.
INSTITUTE: University of the Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School
SOURCE: Journal-of-Personality-Assessment; 1984 Aug Vol 48(4) 360-364

TITLE: The value of biofeedback in the treatment of chronic headache: A four-year
retrospective study.
AUTHOR: Diamond,-Seymour; Montrose,-David
INSTITUTE: Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, IL
SOURCE: Headache; 1984 Jan Vol 24(1) 5-18

TITLE: Effectiveness of biofeedback for treating migraine and tension headaches: A
review of the evidence.
AUTHOR: Holmes,-David-S.; Burish,-Thomas-G.
INSTITUTE: U Kansas, Lawrence
SOURCE: Journal-of-Psychosomatic-Research; 1983 Vol 27(6) 515-532

TITLE: Trattamento dell'iperidrosi in biofeedback training. / Therapy of
hyperhydrosis in biofeedback training.
AUTHOR: delle-Chiaie,-Roberto; Guerani,-Giorgio
INSTITUTE: U degli Studi, V Clinica Psichiatrica, Rome, Italy
SOURCE: Rivista-di-Psichiatria; 1983 Jan-Mar Vol 18(1) 27-46

TITLE: Biofeedback: A possible substitute for smoking, Experiment I.
AUTHOR: Griffith,-E.-E.; Crossman,-E.
SOURCE: Addictive-Behaviors; 1983 Vol 8(3) 277-285

TITLE: Does training to criterion influence improvement? A follow-up study of EMG
and thermal biofeedback.
AUTHOR: Libo,-Lester-M.; Arnold,-Georgie-E.
INSTITUTE: U New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque
SOURCE: Journal-of-Behavioral-Medicine; 1983 Dec Vol 6(4) 397-404

TITLE: Temperature biofeedback in the treatment of children with migraine
AUTHOR: Labbe,-Elise-E.; Williamson,-Donald-A.
INSTITUTE: Louisiana State U
SOURCE: Journal-of-Pediatric-Psychology; 1983 Dec Vol 8(4) 317-326

TITLE: Behavioral relaxation training and assessment.
AUTHOR: Schilling,-Don-J.; Poppen,-Roger
INSTITUTE: Southern Illinois U, Rehabilitation Inst, Carbondale
SOURCE: Journal-of-Behavior-Therapy-and-Experimental-Psychiatry; 1983 Jun Vol 14(2)

TITLE: Behavioral and biofeedback therapy for a functionally impaired musician: A
case report.
AUTHOR: LeVine,-William-R.
INSTITUTE: U Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1983 Mar Vol 8(1) 101-107

TITLE: Biofeedback applications of migraine and tension headaches: A double-blinded
outcome study.
AUTHOR: Daly,-Edward-J.; Donn,-Patsy-A.; Galliher,-Marjorie-J.; Zimmerman,-Jay-S.
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1983 Mar Vol 8(1) 135-152

TITLE: Of cold-handed patients and warm-hearted therapists: A reply to Surwit and
AUTHOR: Guglielmi,-R.-Sergio; Roberts,-Alan-H.
INSTITUTE: U Minnesota
SOURCE: Biofeedback-and-Self-Regulation; 1983 Mar Vol 8(1) 3-8

TITLE: A comparison of relaxation methods for reducing stress in nursing personnel.
AUTHOR: Murphy,-Lawrence-R.
INSTITUTE: National Inst for Occupational Safety & Health, Div of Biomedical &
Behavioral Science, Cincinnati, OH
SOURCE: Human-Factors; 1983 Aug Vol 25(4) 431-440

TITLE: Biofeedback and relaxation in the treatment of migraine headaches:
Comparative effectiveness and physiological correlates.
AUTHOR: Lacroix,-J.-Michael; et-al
INSTITUTE: York U, Glendon Coll, Toronto, Canada
SOURCE: Journal-of-Neurology,-Neurosurgery-and-Psychiatry; 1983 Jun Vol 46(6)

TITLE: Examination of the effectiveness of various treatment techniques for
reducing tension.
AUTHOR: Banner,-C.-N.; Meadows,-W.-M.
INSTITUTE: Glenrose Hosp, Dept of Psychology, Edmonton, Canada
SOURCE: British-Journal-of-Clinical-Psychology; 1983 Sep Vol 22(3) 183-193

TITLE: Cognitive imagery and psychological feedback relaxation protocols applied to
clinically tense young adults: A comparison of state, trait, and physiological
AUTHOR: Schandler,-Steven-L.; Dana,-Edward-R.
INSTITUTE: Chapman Coll
SOURCE: Journal-of-Clinical-Psychology; 1983 Sep Vol 39(5) 672-681

TITLE: Behavioral treatment of Raynaud's disease.
AUTHOR: Freedman,-Robert-R.; Ianni,-Peter; Wenig,-Paul
INSTITUTE: Lafayette Clinic, Behavioral Medicine Lab, Detroit, MI
SOURCE: Journal-of-Consulting-and-Clinical-Psychology; 1983 Aug Vol 51(4) 539-549

TITLE: La biorretroalimentacion en la terapia de las cefaleas: La hipotesis de la
irregularidad (disrregulacion). (Biofeedback in therapy of migraines: Hypothesis
of disregulation.)
AUTHOR: Tamburello,-A.; Romagnuolo,-M.; Urso,-A.; Rcci,-C.
INSTITUTE: U dell'Aquila, Clinica Psiquiatrica, Italy
SOURCE: Revista-Latinoamericana-de-Psicologia; 1983 Vol 15(1-2) 119-131

TITLE: Biorretroalimentacion de temperatura: Informe preliminar de un estudio
experimental de 5 anos de duracion. (Temperature bi(feedback: Promising results
of a 5 year experimental study.)
AUTHOR: Solbach,-Patricia; Sargent,-Joseph
INSTITUTE: Menninger Foundation, Headache Research & Treatment Ctr, Topeka, KS
SOURCE: Revista-Latinoamericana-de-Psicologia; 1983 Vol 15(1-2) 139-157

TITLE: Psychophysiological responses as predictors of response to behavioral
treatment of chronic headache.
AUTHOR: Blanchard,-Edward-B.; et-al
INSTITUTE: State U New York, Edward B. Blanchard Ctr for Stress & Anxiety Disorders,
SOURCE: Behavior-Therapy; 1983 Jun Vol 14(3) 357-374

TITLE: Los usos de la biorretroalimentacion en psicoterapia. (The uses of
Bio-Feedback in psychotherapy.)
AUTHOR: Thomson,-Sandra-A.
INSTITUTE: Biofeedback Inst of Los Angeles, CA
SOURCE: Revista-Latinoamericana-de-Psicologia; 1983 Vol 15(1-2) 47-61

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