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Stress Reduction for Children and Pets:

Biofeedback gives us amazing insight into the thoughts and minds of those who cannot speak. Who would benefit more than children and pets?

Children sometime can’t, or don’t want to verbalize what they are feeling. They may have an underlying issues that they can’t tell us about. Biofeedback can quickly and safely scan the body and to help you determine their underlying physical, emotional and/or spiritual stressors.

At Natural Wellness Care we also offer additional safe, non-invasive approaches for children including Children’s Nutritionals, Essential Oils, and Bach Flowers.

Pets are like family members. We love and care for them with great devotion. But, how would you ever know if your pet is suffering with physical or emotional imbalances? A visit to the Vet is a great start!

At Natural Wellness Care we understand that our Pets are very sensitive to energy and respond very well to biofeedback and essential oils. If you are interested in assisting your Pet live a balanced lifestyle please contact us. We also offer top of the line Pet Health nutritionals as well as safe, non-toxic Pet products.

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